NAPO Salutes the 2015 Top Cops Winners


NAPO Top Cops

Each year since 1994 NAPO has presented the TOP COPS Awards® Ceremony.   The purpose of the TOP COPS Awards® is to educate the American public about our nation’s heroes and to pay tribute to law enforcement officers in federal, state, county, tribal and local agencies from across the country for actions above and beyond the call of duty during the preceding year. Our TOP COPS are nominated by fellow officers.  An independent Awards Selection Committee compromised of national law enforcement representatives select, from hundreds of nominations, one TOP COP case from each of the 50 States and U.S. territories.  Officers from the top ten cases are selected as our  TOP COPS Award® Winners.  In each remaining state, one case has been selected for which the officer(s) will receive an Honorable Mention award.   More

2015 TOP COPS Awards® Winners

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Phoenix Police Department

Officer Michael J. Lin


Los Angeles Police Department

Police Officer II April Lockhart 
Police Officer II Alberto Ortiz 


West Palm Beach Police Department

Officer Christopher Nebbeling


Chicago Police Department

Police Officer Joseph D. Fernandez
Police Officer Thomas R. Gorman
Police Officer Anthony F. Munizzi
Police Officer Brandon C. Murphy
Detective Christopher M. Ross
Captain Edward J. Kulbida


Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

Officer Gregory D. Milburn


Boston Police Department

Police Officer Ryan J. Lenane
Police Officer William F. Traft
Sergeant Thomas J. Teahan



Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Officer John J. Bethard
Officer Zachery Beal
Officer Brett A. Brosnahan
Officer David A. Corbin
Officer Ryan Fryman
Officer Timothy T. Gross
Officer Troy L. Nicol
Officer Gregory A. Stinnett
Sergeant Kurt McKenzie
Sergeant Christopher S. O'Brien

New York

New York City Police Department

Police Officer Kenneth Healey
Police Officer Taylor R. Kraft
Police Officer Joseph Meeker
Police Officer Peter D. Rivera


Corpus Christi Police Department

Senior Officer Amador Gonzalez


Norfolk Police Department

Police Officer II Curtis L. Allison
Police Officer II Toofan C. Shahsiah

2015 TOP COPS Awards® Honorable Mentions

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Montgomery Police Department

Officer Robert F. Hubbard


Wilmington Police Department

Detective David Ham
Detective Matthew Kucharski
Detective Matthew Rosaio
Sergeant Joseph F. Leary Jr.
Master Sergeant Thomas P. Looney

Delaware Department of Corrections

Senior Probation Officer Daniel Collins
Senior Probation Officer Joseph Scioli
Senior Probation Officer Kate Sweeney
Senior Probation Officer Bryan Vettori 

Washington, D.C.

Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, D.C.

K-9 Officer Stephen Giannini
Officer Thomas Moore II
Officer Shannon C. Strange II


New York City Police Department

Detective Mario A. Muniz

United States Marshals Service

Inspector Patrick Lin
Deputy U.S. Marshal Ryan Westfield


Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Special Agent Kiyomi M. Griffey


Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Special Agent Bradley J. McCollum


Sioux City Police Department

Patrol Officer Jill Ohm


Lexington Police Department

Detective Christopher L. Russell


Maine State Police

Detective Micah Perkins
Detective Todd M. Stetson

New York City Police Department

Detective James Normile
Detective Luis P. Sanchez



Maryland State Police

Trooper Joshua Kim


Detroit City Police Department

Officer Joel Dobis

New Jersey

Trenton Police Department

Officer Robert Albanowski
Officer Marlon Parrott

North Carolina

Henderson Police Department

Lieutenant Alan Hedgepeth

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Resident Agent in Charge Timothy L. Sloan
Special Agent Timothy S. Graden


Twinsburg Police Department

Detective Alan Ternosky 


Portland Police Bureau

Officer John M. Romero


Philadelphia Police Department

Officer Sarith Tohn 


Knoxville Police Department

Officer Thomas Turner
Officer Derrick White


Vancouver Police Department

Detective Dustin Goudschaal


Madison Police Department

Sergeant David McClurg
Officer Carlin Becker
Officer Michele Walker