By joining NAPO you are contributing to the advocacy of the rights and interests of law enforcement officers which have been the subject of legislative, executive, and judicial action in the nation’s capital.  From issues of federal funding of State law enforcement and anti-terrorism efforts, to federal policy on employee health, pensions, and other benefits, the actions of Congress and the Administration significantly impact public safety interests.  These interests must be vigorously protected in light of the vital role law enforcement officers play in maintaining the peace and security of American society.  NAPO works to influence the course of national affairs where law enforcement interests are concerned.

As a member you will be updated on legislation that is before the United States Congress that affects America's police officers. In addition to advocacy and education, your new NAPO membership offers many other benefits.  You can now attend our Annual Convention, Legal and Legislative Seminar and our Pension and Benefits Seminar at a reduced member-only price as well as other benefits listed on our website.