Legislative Scorecard

NAPO's Legislative Scorecard shows how your representatives and senators voted on NAPO’s priority issues in each Congress. The results include all recorded votes that impacted NAPO’s members in the House of Representatives and Senate during each Congress. The latest Legislative Scorecard is comprised of a description of the votes analyzed during the first session of the 118th Congress (2023) and NAPO’s stance on each of the votes as well as spreadsheets that detail how Members of Congress voted on each of our priority bills that received a roll call vote. 

While there were only a few roll call votes in 2023, NAPO had numerous legislative victories in the Senate that were passed by unanimous consent, which does not record how each individual senator voted for the legislation. The purpose of the Scorecard is to only track yea/nay votes in order that we can attribute support or opposition to Members of Congress on NAPO’s priority legislation and analyze their support for our positions in a meaningful way.

To get a fuller picture of individual representative's and senator's support for our issues, please see our Sponsor/Cosponsor spreadsheet. This is a useful tool to check if your Members of Congress support pieces of legislation that have been introduced that will impact our members. 

If you have any questions about the Legislative Scorecard or any of the legislation that NAPO is currently working on, please contact NAPO's Director of Governmental Affairs at (703) 549-0775.

Past Scorecards