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The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) is a coalition of police unions and associations from across the United States and was organized for the purpose of advancing the interests of America’s law enforcement officers through legislative advocacy, political action and education.

Founded in 1978, NAPO is the strongest unified voice supporting law enforcement officers in the United States. NAPO represents more than 1,000 police units and associations, and more than 241,000 sworn law enforcement officers who share a common dedication to vigorous and effective representation on behalf of our nation’s law enforcement officers.



As U.S. Congresswoman Cori Bush (Dem.- MO) introduces what she named the “Mike Brown Bill,” it seems important to remember exactly what did and did not happen in the law enforcement encounter with Mr. Brown that led to his death.  Please find attached a paper that we issued a few years ago, entitled “The Myths of Ferguson,”  which is timely once more.  Please feel free to share this with your own membership and social media.

The Echos of Ferguson, Missouri

Mike Brown Bill

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The Myths of Ferguson_Page_2.jpgThe Myths of Ferguson_Page_3.jpg

The Myths of Ferguson_Page_4.jpg

New York City civic groups One Times Square, New Tradition, and Times Square Alliance honored fallen NYPD Officer/Detective Jonathan Diller with this display in Times Square.

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Jonathan Diller was posthumously promoted to the rank of Detective First Grade, with shield number 110, his son’s birthday. 

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Please contact your Senators and
urge them
 to oppose this nomination!

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 Statement from NAPO President Mick McHale Responding to Reps. Bush & Tlaib Voting No on National Police Week Resolution

 Bush  Tlaib NPW No Vote Statement (002).PNG


NAPO Statement on Violent Attacks upon the
Atlanta Police Training Facility - March 6, 2023

NAPO Statement on Attacks upon the Atlanta Police Training Facility March 6 2023 (002).jpg 

  Statement from NAPO President Mick McHale on the Release of Convicted Cop-KillerClark Edward Squire,aka Sundiata Acoli

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Huntsville Police Department
Officer Albert Morin

Los Angeles Police Department       
Officer Daniel Cota
Officer Steven Jenkins 
Officer Hans C. Almaraz 
Officer Adrian Bonilla
Officer Ruben M. Chavez
Officer Maricela Corral
Officer Christopher Jones  
Officer Thomas Onyshko  
Officer Alan Ramirez 
Officer Steven W. Wills

San Diego Police Department          
Sergeant Anthony Elliott 
Officer Tanarat Crowe
Officer Samuel Hernandez
Officer Alicia Steidley
Officer Darrion Talalele 
Officer Trevor Wright

Lafayette Police Department
Corporal Adam Bradford
Corporal Maverick Morvant  
Officer Hali Bradford 
Officer Alan Cortez 
Officer Raynard Ford 

New York
New York Police Department 
Officer Edmond Decio 
Officer Richard Gonzalez Jr. 

North Dakota
Fargo Police Department 
Officer Zachary Robinson 

Alliance Police Department  
Detective Robert A. Toussant 

Patrolman Chad Caughey 
Patrolman Steve Minich 
Patrolman Lee Rose
Patrolman Shane D. Tallman

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department
Sergeant Jeff Mathes 

Detective Ryan M. Cagle
Detective Michael Collazo 
Detective Zachary Plese 
Officer Rex Engelbert 

Houston Police Department
Sergeant Mauricio Valle 

Austin Police Department
Sergeant Jeff Bauzon
Sergeant Kevin De La Rue
Sr. Officer Chandler Carrera 
Sr. Officer Jared Carruth
Sr. Officer Michael Castillo
Sr. Officer John Conner 
Sr. Officer Andrew S. Kabbah
Sr. Officer Robert Keith
Sr. Officer Kevin Olejar
Sr. Officer Matthew Schill