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December 1, 2015

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Dear Members,

After a “Law Enforcement for Christie” event in Concord, New Hampshire, New Jersey Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Chris Christie shot a personal attack on New Jersey State PBA president Pat Colligan calling him a “pension pig”.  Further, Christie made his assault on Pat Colligan even more personal by making unfounded attacks on his standing as an active law enforcement officer.  His comments are unacceptable and only go to show that Chris Christie does not support law enforcement.  Actions speak louder than words and Chris Christie’s actions as Governor and at the event in New Hampshire are proof that he is not a candidate deserves the support of anyone in the law enforcement community.

Pat Colligan and the New Jersey State PBA have stood up and fought for New Jersey’s law enforcement community, working to give them better working conditions, salaries and benefits.  Fighting to protect the hard earned pensions of state and local law enforcement officers does not make Colligan a “pension pig”; it makes him a responsible leader who is looking out for the livelihood and retirement security of the men and women who serve and protect New Jersey’s communities.

On the other hand, you have Chris Christie, who claims that he has the support of New Jersey’s rank and file law enforcement and that he stands with them on “the things that matter most to them”, but as Governor has systematically and continually gone after officer salary, benefits and jobs.  It is job security, salary and retirement security that allows officers to go to work every day with the peace of mind knowing that if God forbid anything were to happen, his or her family would be taken care of.  Chris Christie cannot even pretend to comprehend what is important to law enforcement if he does not understand that simple fact.  His policies have led to thousands of layoffs in New Jersey cities and suburbs, underfunded and undermanned departments and the slashing law enforcement pensions despite campaign promises to never cut pensions.

It is only time before the people in New Hampshire get a glimpse of the real Chris Christie who talks big about his support for law enforcement but then turns around and stabs them in the back.

Please see the response to Christie’s comments from New Jersey State PBA President Pat Colligan below.

Christie Calls NJ State PBA President “Pig”, Colligan Responds To Personal Attack  

WOODBRIDGE- Following comments made by New Jersey Governor and Presidential candidate Chris Christie that attacked New Jersey State PBA President Pat Colligan and also lied about his record as New Jersey’s Governor, Colligan released the following statement:

“The Chris Christie the people in New Hampshire saw today is the same one our members have been dealing with for the past six years.  This is a man who has proven time and again he will say and do whatever it takes to claw his way to the next political position.  Six years ago, in his first campaign for governor, he sent a letter to rank and file officers throughout New Jersey promising that he would never harm their pensions.  That was a lie.

“The sad fact is that Chris Christie has been representing himself as a qualified lawman to the people of New Hampshire when the reality is that he was simply one of the biggest money bundlers for George W. Bush before he was appointed to be U.S. Attorney.  Now he thinks that putting together a press event, attacking me and lying again about his broken promises on our pensions will somehow convince police officers across the country that he has their best interests at heart.  He does not. Over the past six years, the policies implemented in Trenton have driven thousands of officers to retire, led to hundreds of officers being laid off and left thousands of officers in danger in understaffed and underfunded departments throughout New Jersey. 

“Unlike the governor, I was on duty today in New Jersey and, like most days, I was wearing a badge and a gun.  Also unlike the governor, I will work a full career, never miss a pension payment, and never fail in my oath to preserve and protect the Constitution and the public.  Through his name-calling and lies, Chris Christie showed once again today that he can’t make that same statement.”  


Background: Transcript from “Law Enforcement For Christie” in Concord, NH

REPORTER: “The head of the police, PBA union in New Jersey has been pretty vocal, as I’m sure you’ve heard in the past couple of weeks…”

CHRISTIE: “Yeah, well listen, Matt…”

REPORTER: “Well let’s just ask why.”

CHRISTIE: “It’s because he’s a pension pig, that’s why. That’s all it’s about and you know that. That’s exactly what it’s all about. He’s a pension pig. That’s what it’s always been about. It’s about feeding at the trough as much as he possibly can. That’s what they’ve always been about. Rank-and-file law enforcement men and women have voted for me in overwhelming numbers in both my elections in New Jersey. And they’ll vote for me again as Governor because they know that in the things that matter the most to them—the things that matter the most to them—that I stand up with them. The fact is, I’ve also been the person who’s tried to repair their pension system for them, as well after years of neglect and mismanagement and broken promises. Right now, the police and fire system in New Jersey, since we made the reforms, are now approaching over 70 percent fully-funded, which would allow them to return to giving themselves cost-of-living adjustments, if that’s what they choose to do. That would not have happened if not for the reforms that we made in 2011. Listen, never be fooled by that union leaders necessarily represent the points of view of their members, and that’s particularly true in New Jersey, when those guys spend more time in Trenton and in the Statehouse than most legislators. The last time that guy strapped on a gun and tried to defend somebody was quite a long time ago. If he wants to be a politician, that’s fine, he’ll be treated like a politician.”