2019 TOP COPS Awards®



NAPO Top CopsEach year since 1994 NAPO has presented the TOP COPS Awards® Ceremony.  The purpose of the TOP COPS Awards® is to educate the American public about our nation’s heroes and to pay tribute to law enforcement officers in federal, state, county, tribal and local agencies from across the country for actions above and beyond the call of duty during the preceding year. Our TOP COPS are nominated by fellow officers. An independent Awards Selection Committee comprised of national law enforcement representatives select, from hundreds of nominations, one TOP COP case from each of the 50 States and U.S. territories. Officers from the top ten cases are selected as our TOP COPS Award® Winners. In each remaining state, one case has been selected for which the officer(s) will receive an Honorable Mention award.

Nominations for the 2020 TOP COPS Awards are now being accepted. Please complete the nomination form and return to NAPO prior to January 13, 2020.


The 27th Annual TOP COPS Awards Dinner

will be held on Thursday, May 14, 2020
 at the MGM National Harbor Resort & Casino
in conjunction with the celebration of National Police Week in Washington, D.C.

 Tickets for the Awards Dinner must be purchased in advance and will be available in the spring of 2020.

This event will sell out! 

Congratulations to all our 
2019 Top Cops Award Winners!

Please visit our Top Cops event page for information on
scheduling, tickets, flights, hotels. 


Phoenix Police Department

Patrol Officer Adrian Cruz

San Diego Police Department
Police Officer II Shawn Boggeman
Police Officer II Francisco Roman Jr.
Police Officer II Dan Bihum
Police Officer II Daniel Beam
Police Officer II Dominic Aristide

Los Angeles Police Department 

Police Officer III Miguel Alarcon                                                   

Miami-Dade Police Department

Police Officer Manuel Gonzalez                    

Chicago Police Department

Lieutenant Jacob Alderden
Police Officer Bernardo Quijano
Police Officer Elvis Turcinovic                              

Falmouth Police Department

Police Officer Donald DeMiranda
Police Officer Ryan Moore                                                   

Yarmouth Police Department

Detective Christopher Van Ness     
Police Officer Sean Geary

Las Vegas Metro Police Department

Police Officer II Paul Solomon
Police Officer William Umana

Rochester Police Department

Sergeant Tito Batson
Sergeant Daniel Brochu
Sergeant Brian Phillips
Sergeant Josh Lewis
Police Officer Thomas Deane III
Police Officer Jonathan Marsh
Police Officer Brandon Mandurano
Police Officer Ryan Hartley
Police Officer Jordan Bracey
Police Officer Richard Doran II
Police Officer John Woicyk
Police Officer William Minks IV
Police Officer Harry Scorse   

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Paolo Saieva

Fort Worth Police Department
Police Officer David Jwanowski
Police Officer Matthew Putnam




Metropolitan Police Department of District of Columbia

Police Officer José Jiménez Jr.


Sandy Springs Police Department

Sergeant William Johnson Jr.


Federal Bureau of Investigations

Supervisory Special Agent Kerri L. Reifel
Special Agent Jeffrey Robertson

Allen County Sherriff's Department

Corporal Sean Kelly
Detective Darren Compton
Officer Timothy Loe

Fort Wayne Police Department

Detective Brian Martin
Detective Cary Young

Indiana State Police

Captain Kevin Smith
Senior Trooper Detective Clint Hetrick 


Prince George's County Police Department

Corporal Rion Robinson
Police Officer Timothy Tully Jr.


Detroit Police Department

Police Officer Dattahn Wade


Newark Police Division

Detective Joe Soares


Perrysburg Township Police Department

Lieutenant J. Matt Gazarek
Sergeant David Molter Jr.
Sergeant Scott Moskowitz
Detective Dustin Glass
Detective Donald Widmer
Police Officer Alicia Cryan
Police Officer Christopher Klewer

Perrysburg Police Division

Police Officer Douglas Cunningham
Police Officer Ryan Merrow
Police Officer Wm. Kelly Chalfant
Police Officer Mark Lepkowski


United States Marshals Service

Sup. Deputy U.S. Marshal Cal Stephens
Special Deputy U.S. Marshal Chad Pope
Deputy U.S. Marshal Travis Sutterfield
Deputy U.S. Marshal Jermaine Vaughn

Cleveland County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Sheriff Michael Stevenson

Oklahoma City Police Department

Inspector Kevin Johnson

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office

Sergeant Brian Lee

Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Trooper Danny Long

U.S. Postal Inspection Service

Inspector Brian Hess


Portland Police Bureau

Police Officer Kameron Fender


United States Marshals Service

Deputy U.S. Marshal Philip Lewis III

Harrisburg Police Department

Task Force Officer Jeffrey Cook

PA Board of Probation & Parole

Parole Agent II Robert Roland
Parole Agent II Larry Smith

Pennsylvania State Police

Trooper Neal Navitsky

Swatara Township Police Department

Detective Michael Bowser

York City Police Department

Task Force Officer Kyle Pitts

York County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Nathan Payne


Pennington County Sheriff's Office

Senior Deputy Sheriff Tana Tallon
Deputy Sheriff Rusty Schmidt


Austin Police Department

Bomb Squad & Swat Team


Norfolk Police Department

Sergeant Joseph B. Garrett
Corporal G.D. Dajero
Investigator Joseph Carpenter IV
Investigator Corey Chaney
Investigator Lionel Jackson
Investigator Andrew Mondie
Investigator Eric Ortiz
Investigator Romel Ruiz
Police Officer Navarre Brown
Police Officer Todd Williams


Ohio County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Sheriff Walter Lesnett
Deputy Sheriff Branden Brooks


Middleton Police Department

Police Officer Tyler Loether
Police Officer Rich O’Connor

Dane County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Sheriff David Lambrecht
Deputy Sheriff Matthew Earll


United States Marshals Service

Sup. Deputy U.S. Marshal Jose Valenzuela Jr.
Deputy U.S. Marshal Michael Adams
Deputy U.S. Marshal Nick Bahen 
Deputy U. S. Marshal Kevin Governor
Deputy U.S. Marshal Shane Livingstone
Deputy U.S. Marshal Ricardo Manriquez
Deputy U.S. Marshal Benjamin Peterson
Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Shuman
Deputy U.S. Marshal Steven Slawiak

Arizona Department of Corrections

Criminal Investigator Richard Zormeier

Bur. of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives

Special Agent James Small

Department of Homeland Security

Special Agent Winward Griffin
Deportation Officer Martin Renteria

Pima County Adult Probation Department

Senior Probation Officer Harvey Goehring


Federal Bureau of Investigations

Supervisory Special Agent D. Craig Sidwell
Special Agent Shawn Dolinar
Special Agent Kenneth Klose
Special Agent Mary Ann Marcell

New York Police Department

Sergeant Joseph Saccone
Detective John Darino