2017 Fall Legal Seminar

2017 Fall Legal Seminar

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 Join us November 5 - 7, 2017

Learn from experts in the field how to effectively advocate for officer safety, 
respond to legal threats to union dues, and how to preserve and grow membership in the changing labor environment.

Panel Discussion:  Running your Union Like a Business

Tina Fletcher, Vice President, Ullico Casualty Group, will lead a discussion on best practices for guiding your union to success. Topics will include: employment practices, risk management, including policies and procedures, insurance needs, managing vendors, and how to plan for natural disasters.

Update from Industry Experts on Supreme Court Case: Janus v. AFSCME

The Supreme Court will soon take up the case Janus v. AFSCME in which the Court could overturn the 1977 decision in Abood ~ in this case all states will effectively become Right to Work States and Unions will no longer have closed  shops or be able to collect “fair share” fees.

Panel Discussion:  How to be a Successful Police Union 
in a Right to Work State

Hear from successful Union Leaders in Right to Work States: Todd Harrison, President of CLEAT, John Rivera, President of the Florida PBA, and Ken Crane, President of PLEA, will discuss how their Unions have not only survived, but added members and maintained political power in a hostile environment!

News from Washington, D.C.

NAPO will give an update on Administration policy changes including new Department of Justice policies that impact State and Local Law Enforcement.

Emerging Trend – Consolidating Public Safety Agencies

As municipalities and counties look for ways to cut expenses Law Enforcement Associations and Unions must be prepared to discuss consolidation. New Jersey State PBA President Pat Colligan and Executive Vice President Marc Kovar will discuss their efforts regarding agency consolidation in New Jersey.

Jon Adler, Incoming Director of Bureau of Justice Assistance, Department of Justice

Jon Adler, Past President of FLEOA and incoming Director of BJA will speak to his visions for the Bureau including the administration of the Public Safety Officer’s Benefits Program and key State and Local law enforcement grant programs.

Safety Update: Ford Explorer and Carbon Monoxide

Hear the most up to date information regarding the Ford Explorer and carbon monoxide poisoning from Kris Van Cleave, CBS Commentator and Megan Towey, CBS Investigative Producer ~ the reporters who first broke the story.

Kenneth Casaday, President of the Austin Police Association, will also join in the discussion as it relates specifically to the Austin Police Department, which has had several officers suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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