NAPO's Attorney Seminar

NAPO's Attorney Seminar

NAPO is pleased to announce a seminar designed by and for Lawyers who represent Law enforcement labor organizations.  NAPO has partnered with noted author and attorney Will Aitchison to put together this seminar. An all-star lineup will include panel presentations addressing important aspects of a public safety lawyer’s practice.

  • A “how-to” segment on responding to critical incidents, as well as a presentation by Bill Lewinski, the country’s foremost expert on the psychology and physiology of a critical incident.

  • Panels will discuss the evolution of the Brady rule, strategies for bargaining and interest arbitration in today’s economic environment, and the current state of the law on protections given to pensions and post-retirement health insurance.

  • A review of recent developments in laws impacting public safety bargaining, with a focus on federal statutes such as the FLSA, the FMLA, and the ADA, as well as a discussion of speech and privacy issues in the public safety workplace.

  • A two-hour legal ethics section, led by national ethics expert Larry J. Cohen. In a change from many ethics CLEs, the ethics presentation will feature real-life ethical scenarios that are encountered by public safety labor attorneys.

It’s important to note that this seminar is not just for attorneys!

The leadership of police and law enforcement labor organizations and unions will also greatly benefit by attending. In the challenging atmosphere of public safety labor relations today, it is vital that the leaders of employee groups are up to speed on these important issues.

The NAPO Attorney Seminar will be held on Wednesday, October 22 - Friday, October 24, 2014. Reservations at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa can be made by contacting the Resort’s Director of Reservation, Lavinia Levy at : or her direct line at the resort is:  702-797-7271. 

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